An Adventurous Dream

Last night I dreamed of going on on a treasure hunt, almost an Indiana Jones type thing, but more mystery and less action. Also, fewer snakes. My team and I located an old castle across a storm-tossed sea, and within the castle we found a vast library.

We made out way upstairs, through vacant passages to a room where for some reason more modern accoutrements were found. A CD player lay on a bed with boxes of Magic the Gathering Cards stacked at one end.

All of it, both new and old, was covered in a layer of dust.

I did not know who this stuff belonged to, but I also did not wait around to find out. My team and I loaded ourselves down with the relics (mostly cards), and left the castle to cross the storm-tossed sea to return home.

However strange this dream, it does not change the fact that I enjoyed it. I woke up in the middle of the night, sad the dream was over, but eager to sleep again to see what my mind would turn out next. Not a thought went to interpretation, and I do not remember the dreams from after I returned to sleep.

I went to sleep feeling happy and grateful, and I dreamed happy and exciting dreams. So now that I have once again awakened I am inspired to have a good day. Funny, how past events order each movement toward the future.

Funny, but true.

My commentary on the dream itself is not that I really want to go on a difficult sea voyage, and I do not particularly desire a bunch of old magic cards. However, the dream had some very interesting components. I think that was the greater take away from the strangeness of it all. I did not feel desperate or fearful. I just enjoyed the experience provided by the dream.

I was content.

Hope this makes some kind of sense to you. Have a good day!

Play and Work

Later post today. Did some gaming with a friend this morning. The miniatures game known as Infinity is truly an exacting contest of mentality.

I technically won the game. My friend is a bit inexperienced at it, but he still defeated most of my forces. I was only victorious by technicality. If I thought my moves through more I think I could have been more successful. Next time I’ll do better.

In any case, I’ve done some good work over the past three days. Should wrap up the first portion of this freelance novel very soon.

All the way down from my expectations to finish this by last Sunday.

I am quite bad at predicting how long my writing will take, apparently.

Well, I’ll be back tomorrow when I’m done with the work. Have a good day!


This morning I woke up still sleepy, but eager to start moving.

I am still sleepy, but writing must be done.

And I’m prepared to enjoy it, even the freelance work. I have a lot to do, but I also have a lot of ways to go forward.

Varied prose is important to my enjoyment of writing. By varied prose I mean both dialog and description, both action and narrative summary. Mixing these elements properly can make a lot of difference as to how much enthusiasm I can muster for the process.

In any case, I am pleased to say that I’m ready to go today.

Don’t be Intimidated

I intimidate myself out of writing a lot of the time.

I’ll look at the next goal I want to make, and even small goals seem enormous. How small? A 900 word scene sometimes seems like a lot for a session. So I have to trick myself to keep going.

If I start by working on one sentence, one character moment, or one effect I get a big boost to both enthusiasm and confidence.

How difficult is it to write one sentence? See, usually this snowballs into a bigger session. Those 700 or 900 word scenes that seem somehow tough get written before I know it.

A lot of the time in life things are a lot simpler, a lot easier than they appear. Getting started is key.

Not being intimidated is key.

Warm Up

This post is just preparation for a speed run on the freelance work I’m doing today.

I have quite a bit to get done for this book.

And I will get it done. Today. That’s about the size of it.

Wish me luck.

And have a good Sunday!


I’ve been reading a book this morning.

Stephen King – The Drawing of the Three

I’ve been reading this book on an off for years. But I’ve never finished it. I’m now almost as far along into it as I’ve ever been. Actually, this state of progress in a book is normal for me. I think that’s a problem, because I don’t see any of the books all the way to the end and do not learn the lessons I need to learn from reading all the way to the end.

And I need fuel for my own writing. So its time to really, REALLY prioritize reading.

I’ll keep you folks informed as I read and finish things, and of what I’m getting out of them.