Slowed and Spinning (Post 8 of ??)

Okay, I’m having a hard time getting back into the freelance project.

I should have known I’d have a hard time returning after 4 days on break. My work is important, so I’ll do it. I just don’t want it to take forever and drag down the profit margin. I’m not being paid by the hour, after all.

Anyway, that anxiety is probably part of what’s been slowing me. And I keep thinking about my own stories, my most common of afflictions.

So I’m gonna try to work out the way to return here.

1 – Emphasize what excites me about the freelance project.
2 – Start writing and see where it goes.
3 – No timers. Work without expectation of finishing.
4 – Relax. Meditate if necessary. Focus and relax at the same time.

Those all seem like good steps, though I’m not entirely sure of the order.

It’ll work out. I tried yesterday, but distractions dominated. And my day rushed past. Not to say it was a bad day, but it was stressful because I constantly felt my own lack of focus on the work. So I think its time to rearrange those earlier parts:

1 – Relax
2 – Emphasize the exciting parts
3 – Start Writing
4 – No Timers

I’m gonna try it when I’m done here. I’ll try to remember to tell all of you how it goes.

Have a good day!

Back to Work Anniversary (Post 7 of ??)

Monday. Time to hit the ghostwriting work hard.

Also, July 21st. The anniversary of my founding this blog is upon us.

It’s been a rocky road. I think most people know what its like to post things online and get zilch for views. That’s been the story of this blog early on. I’ve been upping the quality over time, though, and I’ve seen more and more people reading. Here’s to more years of this place! And beyond!

I’ve posted a lot recently, but it took a long time to get my mind in gear.

All minor internet festivities aside, I’m happy this morning and happy to be doing what I’m doing these days.

I get tired sometimes, and then I get cranky. But in the morning, my mood is very regular. Too often I let the negative feelings of the moment expand and control my outlook for a day or a week. I am sometimes hard-pressed to get out of funks, as you all know by the days I posted in such messes. But I have concluded one thing: It’s all about talking to people.

I love to talk to people, and I’m finding more and more that I kinda need to talk to people. I need to talk to maintain my good mood, for whatever reason. Maybe its because I’m social. Maybe its because I need to externalize my feelings to keep them stable.

Regardless, I’m socializing more. And I feel more and more regular as I do.

So happy Monday. Happy anniversary blog. And have an excellent week!

I’ll be writing here. And I’ll also be writing like a ghost.

Sunday (Post 6 of ??)

Sundays are the big break days for me. Yesterday was some terrific Dungeons and Dragons, and social time, and I wrapped up the short story rough draft I’d been working on. My first short story in years actually works at least to a degree.

This has me extremely happy.

I have said for years that I simply don’t understand short stories. Even so, I’ve paid some attention to classes on them, and I’ve read a few recently. Short is not the usual length I write, and I’m not a natural at it.

So I’m all fired up for my own work today. I think I’ll be writing today, even though its a day off. I’ve got things to get down.

This is a critical difference from how I’ve been in the past. I think its because I’ve been getting enough social time lately, and I feel empowered to keep rolling.

Plenty of things to do. Plenty of ideas to work on.

Have a great Sunday!

A SHORT Break (Post 5 of ??)

I am still on a break from the freelance project, but just for the weekend. Then I will be back at it. I realized I can’t push quite that hard on a freelance project. Instead, I’m trying to write my first real short story.

It’s gonna be good. I won’t say much about it, but its for the first Iron Alchemist Challenge at the Roundtable Podcast.

I’m excited to write a short story. That’s a first. Probably just the trade changing. I want to move along, and short stories will make a great way to divert my attention every now and then.

Have a great day everyone! And happy Friday!

In Gear (Post 3 of 11)

After two days I have one day of work done. But that’s alright, I gave myself some extra time in my schedule. Who knows, maybe this post series will go another day or two. We will see.

I keep getting more useful information from the client. I keep struggling with my focus, but its not a huge problem.

Goal for today is to hit that word count goal for the first time in this sequence. I think its going to work out, because I have all three perspective characters pretty well figured out.

Have a great day!

Initial Struggles (Part 2 of 11)

I didn’t quite put in the hours to write all the words I’d planned yesterday. Things are still fine, but I got seriously distracted by a lot of different stuff. Today I’m tired after a late night, and I will write anyway.

The progress I made yesterday was not insignificant, a bit over half of the initial goal for the day. As long as I jump up to full production level today and stick with it the book won’t be delayed at all.

I’m ready to churn out words, though it took most of the day yesterday to figure out the main character and the main setting in my mind. Now I have to figure out the other two or three perspective characters, but other than that I don’t see a lot of stumbling blocks to the process from this point.

Pursuing this speed-writing is important to me. If I stumble its because I’m rushing things and trying to avoid necessary pre-writing. And I do mean NECESSARY, because a lot of pre-writing I’ve done in the past just is not important to the story.

I’m waking up. I’ll be hitting the lines soon, going back out to the psychic battlefield where words are born.

This initial struggle is all for day by day birthing of story. I will break through, tired or not, distracted or not, inspired or not.

Have a good day everyone!