out of this Town

I am going on my annual summer trip to the eastern part of the United States where my parents are from. Don’t expect a whole lot of activity from me, either on a podcast or on this blog until the middle of August.

Seems like the plan I had to get more done wasn’t working super well, regardless.

In addition, I want to mention how I failed to get a podcast out the way planned, regarding the Roundtable Podcast’s contest “Build a Better Superhero Movie” in which I shared first place with another contestant. I am very pleased and proud to have won. What’s more I get to be on the Roundtable once again. Can hardly wait for that. Glad its not gonna be long.

Another good thing to happen lately was the improvement in my diet. I feel a lot better when I stick to this plan, so I really want to keep going.

I’m still editing, but I slacked a lot today. I guess it is Sunday, but I’d like to get more done before I leave.

Thanks for reading, and for your patience. I wish I had more of that for myself.

Storms and Edits

Storms have been rolling through my area this morning, and I have been slacking on edits in favor of working on a small modification of third edition dungeons and dragons that just struck me as pretty simple.

I definitely need to go back to editing today, as I have messed up my production rate over the past few days. Still doing well at edits for the week in total, but I would like better consistency.

I am feeling pretty well lately. The minor tweak to my diet is working really well, and isn’t proving as difficult to maintain as I thought it might.

I feel a little silly not having posted here enough lately, especially as I have been lax on putting out episodes of my podcast. The bad news? It’s only going to get worse for the next couple of weeks, at least as far as the podcast. I am going on vacation, and I don’t know if I’ll even try to bring my recording equipment. But when I get back, hopefully I’ll hit my stride. That said, I plan on putting up a podcast episode today.

Cheers to all of you. Thanks for reading.

What Goes Around

As I’ve talked about both here and on Live After Writing, I have been editing a bunch lately.

I think its the right call, because I’ve gotten stuck on every new idea I’ve developed since last November.

I have been editing for a few weeks, and as always when I work on a project, ideas for other things keep piling up. To my delight, many of these ideas are applicable to the books I’ve been stuck on in rough draft. Just the other days I sat in for part of a writer’s hangout and managed to draft over 1000 words for a book I had been VERY stuck on less than a month ago.

Edits are still top priority, but perhaps this ping-pong-ball approach to focus is just how I work. Most of my books featured breaks where I paid attention to other things in their processes. Time to embrace that, as long as I keep working on some kind of writing each day.

I don’t have a lot else to add, but if one goes with the flow of ones own nature life becomes a bit simpler. I don’t know if simpler is always easier, but part of me thinks that is likely.

Also, don’t forget about my short stories on Amazon.com if you haven’t read them yet. The urban fantasy one is called Stolen Parts, and the weird science fiction new release is called Ludosensitivity.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

Miracles or Not

Are you familiar with this Buddhist notion of Karma? What I’m talking about is not the same as the idea of reincarnation into a fitting form in your next life, as it is in some traditions. I find that kind of Karma dramatically unhelpful, for a variety of reasons, but that is not what this post is about. This post is about the notion of Karma as spiritual momentum.

In this form, Karma is similar to habituation. One continues to do what one has done before. This repetition of habit can be positive or negative, as I think should be obvious.

All of us go down paths we ought not follow. Even as we travel these dangerous or destructive routes we see ourselves change over time, but perhaps the more important changes are the ones we cannot see. Attitude and ethics are influenced by our habits, as are our sequential actions.

Why am I thinking about this today?

For all my discussion of Buddhism above, I was raised Catholic. Some of you know this, or have read it here before. I still practice some of the Christian tradition, though I disagree with the Church on many of the issues that currently dominate the media. Also, I do not see the Bible as infallible or authoritative, for the most part. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think decades of Christianity have helped me feel better spiritually and existentially, nearly as much as the last five years of learning more about other religions, like Buddhism.

But I got away from what sparked these thoughts on Karma.

I do not believe in practical physical miracles, at least, not in general. But I feel as though I need a miracle now.

I don’t need bread and fish multiplied. I don’t need a storm calmed. I don’t even need a wound healed or a sickness cured. What I feel like I need is a redirection of my personal Karma.

I am awash with bad habits, laziness, and addictions. I want to see my course corrected, but I don’t think I can do it alone. Am I flying through the habitual universe without any sort of thrusters to steer the course of this object in motion?

Though I am not sure if this plea will do me any good, I post it with the hopes that perhaps someone will be able to correct their own Karmic path by examining themselves. Perhaps I’ll even get some insight just from putting these thoughts into prose.

Thanks for reading.

New Story Released. On Track.

First things first. I am doing well. Been (Finally) learning to drive.

I released a new story on Amazon.com yesterday. It it entitled ‘Ludosensitivity’, and its a short that I really like. Its in a different world from the other Story I released on Amazon, ‘Stolen Parts’. I am proud of both of these, though I am still way behind on working on novels in both those worlds. Neither of those will be my first novel sent to independent press.

Find the new story HERE.

That honor belongs to the book I am editing right now. That book is called ‘White Curtain’. More on that in the future.

For now, I am well on track with editing, and I am doing well.

Hopefully I’ll soon get some substantial nonfiction online, either here or on the Live After Writing Podcast. I’ll keep you all posted.

Thanks for reading.

A Beast of a Task

Lately I think my ambition has begun to grow.

Ambition for what, you may ask? Why, for what I do each day.

I am tired of simply killing time.

I have set myself a task. And this task is one that I will tackle each day. I will write for four hours each day. I will read at least half that much time, so two hours daily.

I have a plan to help myself do this, as discuss with the counselor I went to see earlier this week.

I will motivate myself in three ways.

1. I will look forward to how much the finished work will please me.
2. I will add some kind of novelty or fun to every writing session.
3. I will reward myself after each session of work. This reward can be in the form of social media or podcast production.

I think this should help get things done. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have three hours of work to go today.

Thanks for reading.

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It’s Alive!

Live After Writing is on the air, currently on youtube and my website, and soon on itunes.

Watch the first episode: here

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Check out itunes tomorrow if you want to subscribe there.

I wrote a bunch this morning. I finished reading Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal yesterday, so that fills me with good will.

I’m excited, and I hope you will all keep reading, listening, and watching.

Thanks for the opportunity.