Every Single Viewpoint Matters

The end of this month tends to sneak up on me. It definitely did this year.

Yesterday I knocked out the whole first chapter of this new book. I’m pretty happy with that, especially considering the other things that came up to distract my brain yesterday.

Today I’m going to write the second chapter. It’s from a different character’s perspective, so that is kinda difficult. That wasn’t what kept me from writing the chapter yesterday but it could have been. I’ve only got so much head space for characterization, but there’s one way to get better at that. Writing more.

This book will be using three main point of view characters, so it’ll be the biggest challenge I attempt as far novels in a while. Points of view are at the same time both easy to add on and difficult to use properly. No matter what one thinks of Orson Scott Card’s politics, his advice on writing multiple points of view is pretty damn useful.

Card wrote a book about writing called “Characters and Viewpoint”. When I picked it up, over seven years ago, I thought it was strange that he lumped those two subjects together. The combination makes perfect sense to me now. One or more characters usually provides perspective for modern stories, so what those characters are relates very specifically to viewpoint.

Card’s advice in that book is quite solid. I disagree with some of his points, but he’s an old master and I still don’t have a novel out under my own name. In this case I’m very willing to admit my perspective is less informed than his.

For a while after college I was off trying to do single viewpoint stories. I wrote two books like that, one of which was the longest novel I’ve yet written by a significant margin.

Anyway, I guess I’m getting more confident, because at last I’ve become willing to return to an older story idea of mine that has always demanded three point of view characters. That’s the book I wrote the first chapter in yesterday. Today I will write the second chapter, the second perspective.

This time I have an outline. But outlines only give me so much confidence these days. Who knows if this one will work out? I’m sure going to try my best, though.

Off to the word mines. Once again, have a good day!

It Begins

I have started a new book this morning. I am enjoying the writing so far (Well one scene, but whatever), but who knows how much this first scene will need to be cleaned up in the next couple of weeks. That doesn’t matter at the moment.

After a slow, chaotic start to the day, I feel a lot better as I go forward. The headache I woke up with it subsiding. My medication, which I forgot to take for almost two hours after waking, is now in full effect. I feel alive again and set to keep writing. Just thought I’d spend a little time chatting with you as my break.

It’s Friday, and after a week of intense outlining, its time to write some draft!

I’ll probably be back tomorrow, but if not, Sunday.

Have a good day everyone!

And PS because I just found out: Leonard Nimoy, rest in peace.

Extemporaneous and Meta

I don’t prepare much for this blog. I usually just come up with a topic and go while still pretty sleepy each morning. While I like doing the blog this way I worry if there isn’t enough substance in it. Oh well, I probably won’t be able to change and keep up the same rate of blogging, and I think the regularity is more useful right now than the depth of each post.

I am now outlining the story I will be serializing on Patreon starting in late March or early April. Think space opera with overt magic in it. Also, an alien protagonist of sorts. This is providing a good opportunity to practice outlines even more.

I’m a bit behind on that, actually. So, I’m off to work. Have a good day!

Preparing for Liftoff

So, my earlier plans to put a novel on sale by this time of year has pretty much fallen through. I’m okay with that because the novel I was preparing is destined for the land of queries in the near future.

On the other hand, I don’t want to have to freelance too much either. As I get more work done on these other stories I plan to start releasing one of them (For starters) through a Patreon page (Which is not live yet) as a serial story. I think Patreon will finally give me the ability to distribute chapters at the right rate to allow serialization to work.

That’s the new plan. More on that as I get moving on things and do more editing. Now, back to the grindstone with me. Have a good day!


I outlined the second half of this rough draft yesterday. Didn’t like it. I’ve already done it again this morning.

Not sure if I like this one a whole lot better. But it closer to what I want than the last one. Gotta start writing the actual text soon, so this can’t go on much longer. Oh well. Work gotta get done. And time is something I have in abundance at the moment.

The first outline I did free form. The second I seven-point structured. The third I may try a MICE Quotient approach.

I do know one thing. This half of the story is gonna be much better considered than the first half.

Outlining can be rough for me, as I consider myself more of a discovery writer lately. Really, I’m somewhere in between, as are most writers I’ve talked with enough to know. Outlines definitely give me capabilities I don’t have without them, though. Mostly that involves having direction in a story with a less direct form of conflict. That’s one reason I decided to outline this story. But it already feels a bit jumbled.

Will the third time be the charm? I hope so.

Have a good day everyone!

A Storm is Brewing in my Brain

I finished a draft of one novel. Now it’s back to the rough draft of another.

This story I’m working on has a lot of elements I’m trying to brainstorm. Problem is, I’ve been getting stuck in listening to podcasts an awful lot lately, and I find it tough to brainstorm by myself when I’m listening to other people talk. I woke up this morning without much direction, despite the notes I made last night for the project.

The world I’m working on is strange, but has some familiar Earthly elements. Perhaps I need to work more to root the weirdness in the Earthly stuff. I’ve already written roughly a third to a half of the book, but there are so many more ways I can take the story and yet there are some ways I need to take it in the course of events to fulfill the earlier story promises.

I keep thinking back to this rule.

Rule: Promises need to be fulfilled in a way that makes sense but strikes the reader as unexpected.

In that process I need to get my own creative nourishment from elements I truly love.

This is one process of writing a story. But does it need to be my process? The ‘implied promise’ model of storytelling struck me as sound when I first learned of it, and yet I’m not sure if it is really essential to every story.

Oh well, I have a lot to play with in-world. Time to stop agonizing and pound out something of an outline.

Have a good day everyone!

The Draft

I am close to polishing off a round of edits. I’m quite pleased with the story, but this draft is just preparation to take the book to my writing group.

Anyway, today’s post is late because of various errands I’ve been doing in addition to the edits. I still have four chapters to edit, but that’s not so bad for time. I think I can get them all done today.

So, I hope all you readers are having a good day. Forgive my smugness, but I sure am!