Clocks and timers stress me. I don’t like the feeling I get that I have achieved nothing when I look at what I’ve done on a day like today.

If I look back in a mood like this, everything looks rotten for the past few years.

I guess I’m a bit down, but maybe this is what happens when I consider that after writing around 10 novel-length works I have yet to muster the editing to finish any of them completely. That makes me feel slow, and feel like time is passing too fast. I think today is the day to seize the cycle and change its course.

I want to finish work, not just draft it.

Is that too much to ask of my attitude? Maybe it is, when I have wild swings of temper like I have been lately. Besides that, I’ve also had way too many angry dreams during recent sleeps.

I just hope things will look up.

Have a good day everyone.

Editor: Open for Business!

I am starting a business as a freelance editor, which is one reason I’ve been absent for so long.

I offer competitive rates, and I have a lot of experience in reading and writing fiction. I will read and give feedback on your first page for free if you submit over at http://timniederriter.com/wp/freelance-editor-tim-niederriter .

Why edit fiction? To be honest, freelancing has been slow since the new year started. While I still have my fact-checking position as a freelancer there haven’t been many assignments so far this year.

Writing is my passion, but if I’m going to produce fiction as an independent writer I will eventually need to pay for some better covers and editing for my own work.

I have a degree in literature along with a lot of experience in fiction and creative writing.

Anyway, that’s my spiel. I’ll be back more frequently in the near future. I missed posting here.

Thanks for reading. If you’re an indie writer, consider my editing service. Either way, have a good day!

Savage Again

I am looking at the savage worlds core book again. Gonna build my next in-person RPG Campaign in a post-apocalyptic world using these rules.

Requirement: Be able to use both my chaos space marine and daemon army and the minis from the Conan board game kickstarter when those arrive.

Already I’m looking at an everything and the kitchen-sink setting with that one requirement.

Naturally I want to make the world based on Earth, but maybe not. I mean, how far future is this? One of the PCs made for this game wears powered armor that doesn’t work fully at start, so I know that much.


This brainstorming process for the world keeps making me think everything is gonna involve some kind of multidimensional rift in its most obvious form, but maybe that isn’t necessary. I’d rather not go there, actually.

Hmm – But maybe. Maybe I could even do a post-apocalyptic version of an existing setting, like maybe the Legends of Gatewood Hall Mythos wherein death is only the beginning. I kinda like that idea, but I’m sure if means little to you readers because the Gatewood Hall story is still pending a major rework and I have not discussed that novel in quite some time.

Anyway, Savage World looks like it could work with that. So I’m gonna try to work with it. And the world won’t have to be Earth, but could be an external universe where dead souls are reborn before they can pass on to the next greater afterlife. People and creatures from multiple dimensions are reborn in this reality and contend with creatures the likes of which they know nothing about. All that is possible in the Gatewood Hall setting.

Yes, yes. I like this.

I’m off to work on this for now. Gonna get some fiction editing in later. Have a good day everyone!


I will not save
Your world
– Coheed and Cambria, The Willing Well

The above quote is from the enormous song that ends the third Coheed and Cambria album. Besides this being an amazing album of heavy rock, I do have a point in posting it. Music can just be noise if one is not adapted to listening to that particular genre. Me, I prefer more substantial (And obvious) sounds in music because I have crass senses.

Anyway, I think this applies to writing because, though I am still learning, I have begun being as obvious and well defined as possible in fiction. Some literati praise ambiguity in fiction, practically deifying writers like Falkner in “As I Lay Dying”. For those not familiar with that novel, it features a character who is not explicitly psychic, but whose point of view involves knowing what is in other characters’ thoughts. That kind of ambiguity is considered sloppy in most genre fiction.

I have tried, and admittedly I’m not as skilled as Falkner, but being ambiguous intentionally is courting disaster. The whole book can end up as noise rather the music.

I am still working on making myself understood, and it can be frustrating.

Oh well, I’m gonna get to work now. Have a good day everybody!

Sleep without Forgetting

Poetry today.

Sleep Without Forgetting
Through dreams
Of violence
Of mirth
Of desire
We fly
But hearing.
When in dreams
We meet
And we explode into pieces before dawn.
Only in living
Only in dying
Only in wanting
Do we learn the truth.
Blood on hands,
So cold.
Shouted words,
So deafening.
Thirsty mouths,
So empty.
And still,
In dreams at least,
We fly unable to awake.
Unable to wake
Unable to escape
Terror in suffocation
Imagine a monster.
Imagine a demon.
Imagine waking intact of mind.
Through fire and frost
Waves of emotion
Overrunning the banks
Of a river.
Like venom.
Abomination of chaos
Loosed within the night,
To run through minds
Until dawn.
And then, matter usurps the dream.
And the dream…
The dream gives way
To another insolent day.
Take a bow, night!
Leave the stage!
Be gone,
My sleep,
My judge,
My devil.
Let language emerge.
Let words return.
We are, all of us
Awake from pain,
Chained to worry,
And envious
Of bright gleaming day.
Don’t let me imagine worse,
Let me imagine better.
For in my dreams all is worse.
And in my life all simply is.
Let me imagine better.
Don’t forget
Don’t forget
The dream is but a dream,
Though we know not
What that means,
We know it is
Not real.
So night
So dream
So dawn
So wake

Another Oddity

My fiction style is still growing. I know it, but I still despair of ever becoming really good at it. What is ‘really’ good, though?

Well, in this case, the word ‘really’ is a descriptor that does not help distinguish the nature of the word it is attempting to describe. In short, the word is as useless as the worry it represents.

There is no magic stamp that marks work as ‘good’. Works I don’t like can be amazingly successful in some way. Work I like may never approach the level of success work I think is less-deserving may find.

Even so, as I edit this novella for re-release on Amazon I am beginning to think the issues with it run deep. That isn’t altogether unexpected, as its a fairly old story of mine. The voice of the main character strikes me as off-putting. I think I can fix this, but the story may take longer to rework than I expected.

Oh well. More time with this work will make the product better. That provides me with hope.

Have a good day everyone!