I guess its inevitable that I focus on something outside myself and my work on this blog.

My grandparents were recently moved into an old folks home. Funds to pay for their residence comes from the government when they have no assets left, including property. As a result I may never again set foot inside their old house, where I spent time every Christmas. It’s an odd feeling.

Obviously this is a lot worse for them than for me, but I feel pretty sorry for them. Living in an old folks’ home sounds like it doesn’t suit them, but what other option is there?

Everyone gets old. I’m still young, and its one of my ambitions to live a long life. Even so, getting old scares me.

And it is inevitable if one sticks around on the Earth long enough.

As scared as I am of growing old, I think the alternatives sound worse. Alternatives. Plural. Sure, premature death is possible, so that’s one. Being crippled would be lousy too. The last one is less likely and definitely speculative, but semi-possible in this day and age. Human life-extension.

I don’t think immortality is possible in the physical world. Indefinite lifespans MAY be possible, but those who think creating a copy of themselves in a robot body is the same as living forever need a reality check in my opinion. Unless one is able to actually TRANSFER consciousness rather than creating a copy and deleting the original, then result is death for the one who wished to live forever.

Society might benefit or suffer from your personality being around longer, but the subject’s initial point of view is dead. The ONLY one who will suffer death is the original. There will be a clone left over, even if indistinguishable from the original, one person will be able to tell the difference. The dead original person.

Can you imagine how terrible wars will be when they are fought by mental clones? Robotic copies of the most lethal warriors, clashing with parity copies, or worse, slaughtering ordinary people.

This is science fiction, for the moment. I hope it remains that way. Part of me seriously hopes its not inevitable.

I’m not trying to scaremonger. These are just things that I think about.

Be brave. Thanks for reading.

And, as the drink machine of the Heart of Gold said, share and enjoy.

Self Examination #422

Today I spent most of the morning playing Hearthstone. This is a problem. Writing must get done, but I guess I’m no longer a morning person. Oh well. My whole process is in upheaval, that’s all. Confound it.

I’m definitely spinning my wheels a bit. But at least the weather is nice enough to allow me to type this on front porch, rather than nestled completely in doors.

The book in question is, once again, Temple Theater, from last years National Novel Writing Month. I will not take until October 31st to finish this story, like I did with the last NaNo book. I am still editing a little book called White Curtain as well. It’s the old book I always get nostalgic about when I bemoan my lack of productivity lately.

I think one reason I loved writing that book so much has to be the fact that I always found a way to do whatever I wanted at any given moment of the story. In that way it is nearly fan fiction.

These two books are both fantasy and would fit well in a catalog together, as is the eventual plan.

Writing this is making me more excited to write and edit. But I have one other major change going forward.

That change is the understanding that 5000 words a day is not required. Half that number every day is enough for now. I think struggling to write 5k every day has not been helpful to my process, which I am still redefining. I’d rather grab a more manageable number of words and process things a bit more.

Time for work. Away I go, and thank you for reading.

Fragile Confidence

Sometimes I write poetry on this blog. Today, I am doing that again. Just a heads up.

Fragile Confidence
Powerful music
Mighty images
Quick Drive
Tough days
Deadly doubts
Painful progress

I have worried about that sort of thing out loud often. Missing even one day, as I did yesterday is tough, even though I planned it. I have to get back to it, put my head back in the joy. I’m not entirely positive how I am going to do this today. But I’m going to try.

Short post today. Thanks for reading.

The Return of Joy?

Thinking about joy in writing analytically didn’t get me very far for a while. A few days ago that thinking paid off with a breakthrough that resulted in me identifying a common element in across all the books I’ve completed in first draft.

That trait was the high concept in the form of a central premise that inspires me. That premise is combination of world and character and/or story structure. I actually like stories that have similarities to existing stories, and I find them easier to write all the way to the end.

I then brainstormed a new story using the combination of existing stories by other people and my own concepts as a basis. This has resulted in a concept sequel to one of my novel drafts, incidentally the one I am still editing at the moment. I am writing that book as of yesterday where I kicked things off with solid three thousand words that I very much enjoyed writing.

The funny thing is, I feel as though this book has been waiting for me for a LONG time. Why? Two reasons.
1. It’s a sequel to my personal favorite of the books I’ve written.
2. I’m combining the characters and world from my favorite book with the core story ideas from the novel that I despised so much that it got me writing fiction for the first time back in high school.

I don’t want to say what book inspired my initial writing career on this blog, because I don’t like complaining about other writers anymore. However, the joy I get from finally getting a shot at doing the elements I liked better and in my own way is driving me forward.

Thanks for reading! Now its time for me to get in some writing.

Have a good day everybody!

The Wrong Tree

I don’t know a whole lot about writing, or anything really. There. Admitted. Done.

However, I feel like I learn a lot about the main things I care about most days. The problem is that often what I have been learning is off-target. Barking up the wrong tree.

And at times, I have learned the wrong lessons altogether.

I don’t think my failures at learning are uncommon. I just notice them a lot because I have nothing else to do with my days if I’m not working.

Rather than keeping “Trying to solve my problem with writing” as my goal, I am changing to “Enjoy my process more”.

I’ve tried outlining more. Well, I don’t think more outlining is what I needed. More of the right kind of outlining, yes, but not more outlining.

Anyway, I have small outlines to make, and writing to enjoy. Have a nice day.

Magic and Technology

For a long time I didn’t have a log-in password for my latop. Times have changed.

Today, when I invoked the power of the computer I typed in a series of characters the likes of which my incantation of awakening is comprised.

There were internet issues, problems with DNS server stuff.

I performed the ritual of unbinding and reconstruction on our router three times. All without success.

Finally, I ascertained the nature of the problem and rededicated my machine within the magic circle of the updates.

After that, I attained access to the realm beyond space referred to by most mortals as the internet.

Can you tell I’ve been thinking about a setting that features both magic and science fiction technology? Many of my settings actually deal with this kind of thing. I really like the combination because I don’t like choosing one or the other. Some day we will see if science fantasy is a big enough thing for this stuff to succeed out there in the world.

For now I’m just happy to rattle on the keys, working out structures in outer space where wizards (of sorts) hunt each other on deadly spy missions.

And aliens. There will be aliens as well.

Have a good day, everybody!

Good Friday 2015

Today is an important day on the Church Calendar. I try not to talk about religion much on this blog, and today will be no exception, but the meaning of Good Friday is on my mind.

Like many other people today I am working, regardless of the occasion. I’ve been building on book ideas this morning, but I still don’t know which one is going to grab me and take off into a book. If I look at my current issues that way things don’t seem so bad.

At least I’m doing something. Tonight after Church I think I’m gonna book binge while I watch the dog. Tonight’s book: God’s War by Kameron Hurley. I’ve barely started this book, but its not so long. I plan to read as much of it as possible before I sleep.

If the binge is fun perhaps I’ll make it a system. Write in the morning, read in the afternoon and evening. I need to read more books after all, and four hours of reading should allow me to knock out many books. Hell, maybe I’ll even tweet out of context thoughts while I read. Live tweeting a book? Hey, it could happen.

Time being what it is, I’d better get back to the page. Don’t know what it is, but I feel pretty positive today. Good Friday to all of you. Hope you’ll forgive me for the silly play-on words.

Enjoy the day everyone!