7 Minutes Automatic 10 22 2021

This was fun yesterday, so I’m writing again. Once over, then I post.

I’ve published a chapter already today on Kindle Vella. It’s chapter 2 of “The Deathmakers”, which is a pretty fun and (I foresee becoming) a pretty dark story. I like the mix of science fiction and fantasy settings. The Deathmakers is a HARD lean into fantasy meets space opera.

I kinda love it.

The next chapter I’m releasing is for Warrior Online, which is my first serial on Kindle Vella. I’m excited to continue the story. Still haven’t finished drafting it. After that the goal is to write a couple more chapters in the next Twisted Gods book. That one is really getting fresh in my head. I’m craving a return to those characters.

The way to write a book is to have fun. That’s MY way, anyway. I need to love the work to keep doing it willingly. I think the world would be better if more people could afford to do things this way. I know a lot of folks won’t ever manage it, or to find their own best methods of thinking and producing. That’s not a happy thought.

To be honest, there isn’t much to say beyond the work today. I’m looking forward to playing a wargame (Max Fitgzgerald’s Turnip28) in a game store for the first time in literally DECADES. I played Warhammer Fantasy Battles at a store called Double Play on occasion, as a kid, and hope to get back to that kind of thing more often now that I’m painting more miniatures and playing more. Also, the dangers of the pandemic appear to be winding down in my area (Fingers and toes crossed), so I may actually be able to play with some new folks sometime this or next year.

I’m out of time.

Thanks for reading.

7 Minutes of Thinking on the Page

Hi. Before I get started here, I want to give you a quick note: If any of these posts interest you, please examine my publishing schedule in the following image. Basically, I plan to publish 2 chapters a day on Kindle Vella, each in a different story. The “Early” column stories should go up in the first half of the day, and the “Late” should be, well, later. If any of these stories or titles sound interesting to you, please click on their link on timniederriter.com/books.

Alright. Starting the clock.

So, now I’m thinking on the page. This is automatic writing, a kind of guided meditation for creators.

More directed than guided, I guess.

Writing like this is similar to “The Morning Pages” from Julia Cameron’s course and book “The Artist’s Way.”

I haven’t done morning pages in a while, but I figured I could do some automatic writing before I commence my drafting for today. I ‘m writing in the Kaiju-style thriller story called “Cold Metal” today, as well a working on the next Twisted Gods Book (Time’s Needle, book 3). I’ve already published one chapter today, so I’m feeling good.

I’ve got so many books either partially-rough-drafted or ready for editing that I just need to get stuff done.

I’m thinking I could do a blog post like this on weekdays. Let me know how you like it. Half the time has run down at this point. Boy, I need to get in better shape. I’m working on it. Change of subject: Ever notice how you feel when you’re tired? I know I usually don’t, but perhaps each of us should pay closer attention to our own body’s and thoughts.

After all, your body provides all your senses.

We experienced the world through our experiences. When we’re tired and senses dulled, we often lack awareness of the moment we’re in. That’s not just a shame for missing things. It’s also a tragic weakness that can lead us to performing activities we don’t understand or consider the way we ought. Perhaps that’s vague. But hey, a lot of people can’t get proper rest for one reason or another.

Even when we’re tired we need to be aware.

Ands there’s the beep.

Thanks for reading. I’ll write here again soon.

Consider this an Announcement

Dear readers, I took longer than expected (Don’t I always…) but I can finally say that Beloved of Death, Twisted Gods book 2, is coming out next week! Editing this little book really punished me for a while, but I ended up with a fast-paced book I love a great deal. Hopefully that book will be out by Tuesday the 21st of September.

In the mean-time, I have a sale for those of you who haven’t picked up book one of the series, yet.

The Forgotten Mask is on sale for 2.99 USD on Amazon.com right now. I’ll be up front with you. If the book does well at this cost, I may reduce the price to 3 dollars permanently, and the equivalent world-wide.

Anyway, I’ll be back with more about the book soon.

I have a book description and author’s note still to write. Then all that’s left is to input the proof-reads.

Thanks for reading.

Immersion for Authors – 7 Minutes of Thoughts

Lately I’ve been trying to solve some of the problems that regularly crop up during my writing process. Yesterday I got a piece of advice from Terry Mixon during one of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast’s live patreon recordings.

I asked him how he made a project the center of his focus.

His answer?

Immersion. He immerses in the book and then it takes his attention as a creator for as long as he can give it.

I like that answer (I only paraphrased it here), and am thinking immersion has become a greater and greater challenge for my personality as I’ve aged.

My early books were easier to get lost in while writing them, but only because I was more desperate to not be in my life. Well, I may be happier, but let me be candid: I’m not happy with my life. Yet, I’m more invested in the real world than I’ve ever been.

What an awful state, but I can remedy it. On my recent vacation I read a coupe of different novels to the end just to survive long hours in the car. I can use the same principle to separate myself from my current living situation, in mental terms, by escaping into the books I’m writing.

I need to immerse myself in fiction, now more than ever.

I don’t know if this will be helpful to every reader out there, but it won’t hurt to pay more attention to your work.

That can only improve your writing quality and productivity.

And if you want to immerse in another author’s story world first, mnay I suggest you check out my books here.

Thanks for reading. It’s an honor that your eyes follow these humble lines.

Why the short stories?


I wonder if some of you readers ever ask why authors who write primarily create novels are lately making shorter tales for their series. Mostly, I wonder on this because I’m no-less engaged in short stories than any other youngish novelist.

I’m giving away a couple of stories for free right now, in exchange for folks signing up to my email list.

The most recent of these is “War Machine” for Twisted Gods (The series formerly known as Temple Theater). A while before that I did “First Flight” for the books I’d later collect as Origin of Storms. I like these two but they’re both quite brief. For Demon Hunter, which features longer novels than Twisted Gods, I have “The Crimson Suitor” which is a fun and somewhat longer little prequel to the series.

I like all these stories, and wanted to point to them because I think some of you might enjoy them, and I’ve been gaining readers lately.

Speaking of which, thanks for reading.

I’ll write here again soon. Until then, stay safe out there.

If you like reading this blog…

…you’ll probably enjoy reading my stories and the author’s notes associated with them on Kindle Vella.

Let me back up.

I’m told a lot of folks don’t know what Kindle Vella actually is.

Okay. Let me stretch my fingers.

Kindle Vella is a program over on Amazon.com, so yes, it’s all based out of the same company as the rest of the Kindle store. Vella is new, though, and it’s a platform for publishing serial fiction. The first three chapters of each story are free, and everybody reader who logs in to vella gets 200 free tokens to purchase additional episodes.

The upshot here is that, as an author, I plan to test the waters on som of my series (The ones that are currently unpublished elsewhere) and explore other concepts to see what people like.

I’ll be posting the status of each new story in the updates at the end of each episode or chapter, like miniature blog posts.

If you want to follow my writing process and get some commentary as well as story, check out my stuff as it drops. Currently I only have 1 I’m really working on: Warrior Online, but that’s changing. I’m editing my older works to produce more serials, that will eventually be novelized (As allowed by the Vella program).

So, give it a shot. Here is a link to my current Vella Story. It’s a lot like many of my stories: Science Fiction with a bit of romantic tension and a weird twist to it. It’s a good time if you ask me.

Thanks for reading.

Temple Theater

Hi folks,

I’m writing even more briefly than usual today. I have a couple new stories out in this series that you can read right now.

Temple Theater Book One: The Forgotten Mask is out on Amazon in ebook format, and all print-on-demand stores online. It’s a great place to start this story of lazy gods, heroic mortals, and mechanical foes.

You can also get War Machine, a little prequel short story on Amazon, or for free if you click here.

I’m doing a lot better mentally than I expected this summer.

I’m short on time today, but please check out those books, and I’ll writer again soon.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.

7 Years to Remember


It’s been a bit since I posted, but I’m back for the moment, and I have a new book out!

The Forgotten Mask” is the start of a new series, called Temple Theater, but it’s also one of the oldest books I’m publishing. I wrote most of the novel in 2014, but only finished the draft in spring 2021.

Why is that?

The book didn’t take seven years of WRITING time, and no, I didn’t revise it completely at any point, though I’ve done so with other books before.

Why leave a book on the shelf for so long?

This first book of Temple Theater and the premise of steampunk fantasy really interests me. Gods and monsters, magic and machines. I dig that vibe.

I did at the time of beginning the book in 2014 too.

When I started Temple Theater I still planned to submit to publishers, rather than independently releasing books. I wrote 50,000 words and stopped because (If I recall) I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to build up to a huge finale over another 50k, but something stopped me.

That’s the little voice I now associate with my thoughtful side. I don’t consider the voice to be part of over-thinking, it’s about actually having thoughts. I often push that voice away, but when there’s a problem with a writing project it always prompts me to consider what the real issue is, often stopping my progress in making new words.

Well, earlier this year I figured out why that part of me stopped writing the book in 2014.

I’d been closer to the end than I thought.

So if you ever want to see what a book that took seven years to write reads like, here is a link to the ebook on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B099X4J3JB. It will be out in print on all major on-demand platforms soon.

In spring I added 10,000 words or so. With some serious editing I tuned the whole novel. And now, it’s done. It’s out, and I’m working on the sequel.

And here I go waxing on, when I should be writng.

Thanks for reading, folks.

Stay safe.

I’ll write again soon.


7 Minutes About 10k words of Fiction

Before I get started, Tenlyres is free until the end of Today (Pacific Time). Go get some free fantasy adventure if that sounds good to you! HERE.

Now then. Starting the clock.

I love Rachel Aaron’s little book about writing entitled “2k to 10k” because it offers concise guidance on both craft and productivity. Most importantly for me, though, the book describes how intertwined writing speed is with excitement.
I don’t outline my books like Aaron suggests in 2k to 10k. No, I can’t get a book off the ground with that much baggage on board.

She recommends planning, but only as a personal tactic.


I double down on enthusiasm (Which she is one of the other two key points of her metric) in place of planning. I think through what’s going to happen, turning things over and over when I’m not writing. Once upon a time, I did this compulsively.

As a teenage writer I escaped through language and character. I’d probably have been mad if someone pointed that out to me at the time. That’s hindsight.

But 10,000 words?

That’s around 35 pages, depending on you count them.

That takes 4-5 hours for me to type. Not a boast. Others can go far faster, but that’s not the important part.
10,000 words is a goal I’ve often shot for, given the few times I’ve hit it in the past.
Well, today I’m trying that again. I’m up early (WAY too early, actually), and so I’m taking a moment to write this blog post.

Seven moments, I guess.

Time for this post is running low.

I finished one rough draft yesterday. It took 7 years since I started. Most of that time, the book sat on the back burner.

Since I came back to it, late last month, I added only about 12,000 words to complete the draft.

That’s not much more than 10,000 in the grand scope.

What can you do with a 10,000 words? It might surprise you. I can’t put my finger on a way to express any exact, but quite a bit.

I’m looking forward to my next set.

Thanks for reading.

7 Minutes to Wake Up

7 Minutes to Wake Up Again

Happy May the 6th for those of you not living in the future. I don’t normally drink alcohol, but yesterday I had just a little bit of rum with dinner.

I may be a big guy, but due to my medications get the the effects of drinking pretty fast. One drink.

Just one.

And now I’m drowsy an hour after waking up.

I’d been waking up better lately. Just pull off my mask and then jump out of bed the second the alarm goes off, like I was only waiting for the sound, not sleeping at all.

Waking up isn’t just the first thing I do each day.

It’s a pretty good metaphor for feeling of growing up and maturing.

When I was younger, I did things and said stuff I’d never repeat now. I wouldn’t say I’ve become wiser, just more alert.
That’s one reason I went back to a book I started writing around 7 years ago. It’s really working for me.

I’m going to finish that one soon. I’m close to the end. Seven years is a lot longer than this post, which is already running low on time. Normally when I write, I don’t take that long. Getting stuck is a whole other topic, though.

Regardless, the book feels RIGHT now. I’m into it.

Thanks for reading.