Hello people, are you ready to write?

Alright, today I’m starting something new, a daily wordcount post online.  Everyone will be able to see if I’m lazy now, and when I kick ass and do the job as intended.

I’m working on novels (still none published, but I’m young and haven’t been happy enough with any to really try for it yet).

I have finished two novels and two novellas since I started my climbing of the ladder of literature four years ago.  Those novels are, in order of completion:

– Untitled Giantspace Novel – A science fiction/space opera with ghosts and giants and electric swords.  -> 68,000 words or so (novella).

– Nephilim 1 – A post-apocalyptic novel with a lot of christian mythology and angels in particular involved. -> 101,000 words give or take (novel)

– Hanging Jupiter – A wierd urban fantasy in a non-earth modern setting.  Several distinct kinds of wizards but one magic system.  -> 50,000 words,  maybe a bit more (novella)

– Doppelganger Wake – Science Fiction in the near future, shapeshifters and diseases and teenagers, but not as angsty as you might think. -> 95,000 words or more (novel).

Those are the books I’ve already completed rough drafts for.  In addition to them, I hope to have a few more done by the end of this year.  That is to say 4 more.  I want to write 4 more novels this year.  Pretty extreme, right?  Well, next year I’m going for even more if I can do this, so this blog mainly exists for me to track my progress and keep me writing when I don’t feel like going all-out a novel on a given day.

Anyway, the daily wordoount thus far, as of 8:00 AM is 750 words on a little story I call White Curtain.


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