Another Book bites the Dust!

So, as of yesterday, I finished the rough draft of White Curtain.  It came out to about 82,000 words long and will probably get longer with editing.  For the record, it is the first book I’ve written in Arial 12 point font, and also the first novel I’ve written to be contained in a single big file for the entire duration of the rough draft (All others were in separate files by chapter initially).  And, the other ‘first’ this book was for me, was that I used a notes document as suggested by Rudy Rucker in his writer’s toolkit.  It worked like a charm, though it isn’t as detailed as Mister Rucker’s own notes documents.  All-in-all, this has been a good week, if a bit of struggle.

So, the next step is to do two books in one month (40 days actually) before Fall Semester starts.

At the moment I’m not in the most social climate (Almost nobody is around), so I think I’ll get down to the writing pretty quickly and keeping this space updated shouldn’t be too hard either.  All is well I suppose.


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