Day 3 of 400


Hey people, I’m a little behind in getting to this Blog, which I should have done two days ago.

My goal is simple.  401 days, 1000 hours of writing, 9 novels to write, and 3 to edit.

I’m going to do all the writing I can now, and the process of moving in on publishing awaits me as well!

I’ll try to update this blog every day until I complete the wordcount, but if I miss a day of writing I probably will miss here as well.

In any case, here it goes!


A bit of a report on the day.  Some unusual things happened.

I went to work on book #9 (of 9), and found over 9000 words in previous documents that I hadn’t been aware of before today.  These words have been added to the book’s pot, making it the highest total thus far.  13,000 words!  That book is to be about 100,000 at completion, but I’ll have to see what happens.



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