Day 10 – Falling Behind

So I didn’t quite make my quota yesterday (500 words short), and for some reason I’m finding that these pages are taking a lot longer than when I write a single book at a time. How much longer?

Try twice as long– Per Word.

That means the days of 2 hours work-load are giving way to 4 or more hours instead. A real pickle this is, as Yoda would say. If every page take half an hour I definitely won’t be able to work this schedule for all 13 months.

I’ve written 250 words today at the rate of 10 words per minute.
That isn’t fast enough, especially because those words are no better than my former books’ words.

Allow me to write though this. The attempt to outline and write 9 books in 401 days or so is not going well for two known reasons.

1 – The books are slow to outline, and thus I am discovery-writing every time I sit down at the keyboard.
2 – The books are so unrelated to each other that writing them is a schizophrenic process. What works for one doesn’t work on another.

Now then, what can I do about that?

Options include slowing down for a few days so I can learn more about the characters and settings before continuing, at (hopefully) a greater rate. Or I could invest more time and keep grinding… which is not looking like a good idea. There are other ways I could go about this too, and I really need to work them out. I’ll keep this blog updated on what I decide to do to fix this problem.


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