Day 23 – Change of Plans

The time has come for me to decide on my doubts. I have the technical capacity to write 9 novels in 400-some days, but I now doubt that I should. This is not a problem.

I’ve simply decided that I would rather edit and sell some of the wonderful books I’ve already written rather than write a bunch of new books that will only result in increasing my levels of stress.

I love the books I want to write, but I realized I love the books I have drafted as well. They are: Doppelganger Wake, and White Curtain, as well as Nephilim. I want to see these books spread their wings in the wider world… and I want to get paid for them.

The truth is that all my work is done in pursuit of happiness, and editing and selling would be the better way to do this at the moment.

I hope nobody is disappointed in me, but these books, when they are written, will be better for the wait.


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