The book is at 8000 at growing!

Right, my schedule for the year has solidified. I’m on the sixth day of the schedule at 1500 words a day. The solution to my writer’s block was simple: Focus. Find an object of affection and commit to it.

I needed to combine some old settings and stop taking so many notes to actually make progress. In fact, the addition of one of the old settings was done halfway through writing the first scene. Anyway, I want to really see how many words I can write this year, so I moved the original goal up from 1200 to 1500 words per day. I’ve written 800 or so this morning, and now I’m on the way to 9000 (I was a little lax yesterday).

Christmas was great. It really set me on the right track, especially the talk with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ray. It was a good sort of ‘snap out of it’ conversation, as I have been wallowing too much. Thanks a lot, both of you!

I’m just taking a short break right now before I get back to work on the book. I’m planning on doing a whole 4-5 book series in this setting– All this year, so wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “The book is at 8000 at growing!

  1. 9000 words is a lot!

    I can barely manage to write 500,and that takes me 2 hours!
    So Bravo to you,I wish you could post some of your writing,it would be very interesting.I have 2 quastions for you

    do you write just as a hobby or is it your job
    would you please read my material and tell me what you think,it will mean alot to me 🙂

    • First of all, thanks for the comment, talikatzman!

      I don’t plan on posting any samples on this blog as of yet, as I’m not sure how to deal with rights on the internet and don’t want to lose my stuff.

      To answer your questions:

      1 – I am trying to make writing my job, but as of yet have not been published

      2 – I can read your material for you, especially if its already on your blog. I accidentally clicked there before I wrote this reply anyway, though I haven’t given it more than a glance yet.

      I’m a student so I don’t always have that much time just off hand to write back, but I will try to be prompt.

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