I’ve been too lax with my writing schedule the past week.

I have excuses. My twin brother is in town for only one more week. I have to focus more on school for a little bit. I want to hang out with my friends around campus… I’m sure I could come up with more excuses, but they aren’t going to cut it, not today. Today I’m going to get my butt in gear and make up the rather overwhelming 2000 word deficit I left myself from the past two days.

I have the power, just like I always did, like I did when I wrote 12000 words in one day at a few points in 2009. I just need to strike this boulder of writing in such a way that it crumbles without hurting me.

I am going to dive into it, and I know it’ll make me happy if I can even get close.

Wish me luck!


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