Ah, Dan Brown…

My brother finished Dan Brown’s latest book a short while ago, and told me that, as I had suspected, it was even worse than his previous books.

As far as my opinion on Mister Brown’s work, I suppose you could say reading the Da Vinci Code really set me on the path to be a writer. I didn’t like it very much, especially as it betrayed the interesting side of anything dealing with religious elements.

I liked Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark because it featured not only a lot of interesting events, but also a finale that challenged the main character’s perceptions of reality.

Now, the Da Vinci Code didn’t provoke thought it me the way it may have intended to, but about a year later I’d finished my 1st novel. That book didn’t work so well. SO I wrote another, and this time things clicked, even though my writing was still pretty clunky.

The book I ended up writing featured a lot of stuff that interested me.
Angels? Check.
Monsters? Check.
Super Powers? Check.
Magic? Check.
Plotting? Check.

Basically, I realized that not all writers are great. There’s likely a place for me with them too.

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