Fact Day 1 – Gii

Week 2 – Gii
Gii is a term used by the different wizard species since before humans entered the scene 1000 or so years ago. Gii is the combined power of a living creature’s physical body, and the clarity of its specter in the blight realm. The power of the physical body is not just muscles, but also includes the speed of metabolism, and how massive the creature is. In fact, the larger the creature is, the greater their gii, for another reason as well.
Specters are images naturally projected from living creatures into the blight realm. A creature of greater mass has a tighter specter in the blight realm, which makes it easier to track from there. A creature of greater volume is also easier to detect in the blight realm, and draws in more gii.
Gii is the energy used by non-human wizards and even human witchcraft users, to alter reality independently of their physical body using different techniques. So, when Morvanger wants to climb onto his Warp Steed and he needs a boost because he is short, he uses his gii and pushes off harder using a technique known as zendil, or zendila, which is based on type of gii known as raw gii, gatherable from any source in the blight realm.
Human magic users, known as witches or warlocks depending on preference, are usually limited to drawing gii from only a few sources, usually identified by color. So, Phere is a Red Witch, meaning she draws on red gii. This limit makes it harder for a human to wield as much gii as a nualite (or most other wizards), which is why many wizards see them as weak or trivial, magically.

Next week: the journey continues!


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