New book to start, markets to study

With the completion of White Curtain yesterday I find myself in the position of choosing a new book to write. I have narrowed it down to two. The front-runners are both fantasy. One is Epic Fantasy and the other Urban Fantasy, both of which are good markets right now, but which one will I be able to finish a rough draft of this term? My bet is: Not the Epic Fantasy (These are the longest sort of fantasy novel). For now I’m going to try working on the Urban Fantasy book I’ve been thinking about.

It’s a nice little story with the potential for a lot of expanding. Also, it doesn’t have any vampires or werewolves.

You see, I think Urban Fantasy has the potential to do things beyond the creature-feature/paranormal romance constraints that appear so often these days. The serious problem is that lacking those elements may make the book less marketable.

I guess I could always go back and edit more of my old stuff… but no. I really want something new.

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