Passing 50,000 today.

Not for NaNoWriMo, but today I’ll be passing 50,000 words in the Legends of Gatewood Hall, the book I’m working on currently. I hope to have it done before Christmas, and that seems doable for the first time in weeks. I wrote 3400 words yesterday, but the numbers aren’t as important as the fact that I was excited for those words and I didn’t feel like I was padding the book at all.

The book is finally becoming fun again, fun in ways I had hoped it would be. That isn’t to say it was boring before, but the way I was working on it certainly was.

I’ve been reading a lot of [url][/url], lately her Eragon sporkings in particular. While I think she is sometimes overly harsh on little things, I agree with much of what she has to say about writing. That said, I think I’ll be writing more on this blog sooner rather than later.


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