Clearer thinking

So I’ve been thinking a good deal about the episode I had yesterday with Card’s Hart’s Hope. I really want to finish the book today, and I know I’d have time. I’ve been enjoying the book quite a bit, because of its interesting setting and conflicts, but now I’m actually sort of nervous to pick it up again.

I’ll get over it, I think.

The concept of the creative ordeal is one I’m still working on. I think these can be very helpful, and the more I thought about it, the more I think Alan Moore and Michael Chabon both gave advice about writing that is very important to me. After all, I’m still learning a lot every time I work on a book, and I know that there are people out there, who, if they actually wanted to write a novel would quickly become stronger writers than I am. If I want to maintain my skill-level, I need to keep working. The thing I realized is that not only do I have to keep writing, I have to keep challenging myself in writing, and not just in volume, but in concepts and techniques. One day perhaps I can craft a scene that strikes the reader as acutely as the one in Hart’s Hope struck me.


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