Doppelganger Wake and its sources…

I wrote this book between Fall 2007 and later in the Fall of 2008, taking it off a couple stories I’d just been reading to begin it. Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first of the two main sources I worked with, an anime series recognized by many as a classic of the mecha/giant robot genre. I sort of loved it.

I sort of hated it.

Basically, the show let me down in some key ways, not least of all was the lack of the title giant robot’s importance to the plot after a while. The main character was powerless to fight the real enemy, and I grew frustrated with it, even then, without knowing why.

Now I know it was because I like characters to be stronger, larger than life, not weak and completely at the whims of greater forces, no matter how interesting that might be sometimes. The parts I liked about Evangelion were the technobabble and the violence level, and those are the two elements that really made it into Doppelganger which is a science fiction, and my most violent book.

The other main source of ideas for Doppelganger was Orson Scott Card’s Ultimate Iron Man mini-series, which put the idea of the armor into my head, and the young protagonist was something I wanted to try. Iron Man’s battle armor also presented a somewhat different take on super weapons than Evangelion’s unwieldy giant robots.

I tossed in an element of my own: shape-shifting.

So I knew the book would be violent, involve a high-school-age kid and shapeshifting technology, but it took one more idea, a line I’ve heard a few times in my life, to really put it together.

The ocean is almost as unknown as the depths of outerspace.

And this is the book I’m beginning to edit. I’ll have more on it in the coming weeks.

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