Snags and Jags

So I managed to finish a draft of a novel yesterday (the second draft for this one), but I still can’t seem to find my groove in writing. Perhaps it will take longer to get back into than I thought.
A major problem I feel I have is that writing is a very long-term sort of work. The act of writing is itself enjoyable, but the product isn’t produced until quite some time after I begin. Incidentally this isn’t as much of a problem if I’m getting some kind of reward from something more immediate, which is probably why I like to listen to music while I write. Each song gives me a bit of a reward with its cool stuff, while I soldier on at the enjoyable but less concrete work of writing. This system breaks down if I’m not listening to the right music however. If I’m not really enjoying the song I’m listening to, then I’ll notice, and I’ll be distracted. This has cost me about four hours today, but now I think I’ve got it figured out.


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