The Heavenly Host versus The Sealed Brethren–coming this January

So I’ve all but entirely decided to put my Dark Eldar army on hold (As they keep coming out with new models for it, I want to stand back and wait until I can see the whole range). Instead, my warhammer 40,000 efforts will be focused on a rather more ambitious project: The Heavenly Host.

My second novel was inspired by some of the research I’d done into angels and angelology, and I still have a soft spot for that stuff. Also, the newest Tyranid Codex is way too awesome to just be let sit there. I’m gonna put two and two together.

So the next big converting project is the heavenly host, an army of angels for warhammer 40K.

I’ll get back to writing soon, but this is higher priority in my brain at the moment.

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