Army List for the Heavenly Host

I wasn’t sure if I was serious about this, what with the challenge of converting countless angelic critters from (mostly) Games-Workshop Models. First of all though, I needed a guideline for what I’ll be making. For that I needed an army list (I’m using Tyranid rules). Keeping in mind that I am not a competitive or tournament player have a look:

2500 Point Army
Archangel Michael – Hive Tyrant w/Toxic Miasma and Wings
Archangel Gabriel – Parasite of Mortrex
Uriel – Doom of Malantai on Throne – Mycetic Spore
Seraphim – Zoanthrope on Throne – Mycetic Spore
Grigori – 7x Ymgarl Genestealers
Dominion – Tervigon w/ Catalyst
Powers – 18 Hormagaunts
Powers – 18 Hormagaunts
Virtues – 24 Termagants
Cherubim – 5 Tyranid Shrikes w/ Lash Whips and Boneswords
Sehaquiel – Harpy w/ Venom Cannon
Bacariel – Harpy w/ Venom Cannon
Metatron – Mawloc
Sandalphon – Mawloc

Obviously I wanted a fast sort of army, but I wanted it to be somewhat balanced so I’ve been experimenting a bit. This may not the final list, but its one I like the look of at the moment.


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