Maberry Pages #1: Pillar Magic

Maberry Pages #1: Pillar Magic
Suna regulated her flight as the anir’s hawk-wings bore it up from the abyssal mists. She hung on the handles of her twin fan-wings and looked down at the writhing mass of the beast beneath her. The anir’s neck, already serpentine, elongated. It lunged toward her. She swung the fans down, pushing herself higher. Jaws opened and snapped shut, just short of Suna. The anir’s front tooth gleamed with its inner hell’s light. Imagining her little sister’s smiling face as she dealt the cards to play, she intensified her aura.
Brilliant silver-blue light radiated from Suna, eating away at the black mist that closed in with proximity to the anir. The anir shrank back. It hesitated on the edge of her aura, massing the darkness. Its eyes reflected her like mirrors. Suna glared at herself and let herself to descend on the fans’ winds. She hit the creature’s central gleaming tooth.
The tooth splintered. Fragments of it flew upward and the white pus from within spilled into the anir’s mouth. The massive face of the beast tightened and it recoiled. Suna did not let it go. This anir had caused her too much trouble. She sheathed one fan and leveled her locus wand at the creature’s face. “Not your day,” she said, and pressured the mental trigger.
Suna burst off the anir’s falling form and swept away the black mist with her fans. She had a show to go to.


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