Maberry Pages #2 – No Lunar Wind

#2 – No Lunar Wind
Julius grinned. “There’s no wind on the moon.”
“There may not be wind, but there must be something,” Mina said.
“Well of course. The moon as its own weather.”
“You know, I don’t believe you.”
He wouldn’t stop grinning. “You know, you don’t have to. I don’t mind.” He reached out to stroke her hair. She slipped out of his reach.
“Please, I don’t want to be rude, but–”
“But you don’t want this.”
“Well of course I don’t.” Mina shook her head. “Just like the moon doesn’t need wind to be real.” The breeze touched her brow, played with her hair. Julius’s grin vanished.
“After all this.”
“After all this.” She stood up. The starlight falling from the rippling sky-sea cast a pale outline around her shadow. She looked out over the balcony at the ocean. “I just met you Julius.”
“But we’ve been through so much.”
“One day.” She brought her hands together. “I still fear for the spirit of my grandfather. He passed without a word.”
“Mina, I know you’re traumatized.”
“I’m not traumatized. I’m just, I can’t think about things like this. You’re a stranger.”
“I saved your life!”
Mina sighed. “And that only makes you stranger.”


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