Maberry Pages #3 – Seamless

Maberry Pages #3 – Seamless

I sewed them back together with numb-needles to ease them when they awakened. That bought me more time to talk to the girl.
She sat in the chair across from me in the workshop, hair tied up in two bundles behind her head. Though she still looked concerned for her dolls wellbeing she’d cheered up noticeably since she’d first brought them in. Though I’d been sewing for years I didn’t risk looking up at her with the needle in my hand. Numb-needles didn’t work well if even slight mistakes were made. One of the two dolls seemed restive. I gave it another shot of depressant without thinking too hard. It would be painful for it to wake up now.
The girl frowned as the doll’s movements ceased. “Was that necessary?”
“Oh, most definitely,” I said. “Keeping them under is the only safe way to work with them. You must be a kind mistress to them to not know it by experience, but dolls carry pain far longer than they keep the anesthesia.”
She didn’t stop frowning. Couldn’t she see the sense in my words? She looked down at the dolls where the lay silent and still. “I don’t shelter them that much.”
“But you don’t make them fight either.”
She looked shocked. “How did you know?”
“Kindness,” I said. “Dolls remember it just as much as cruelty.”


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