Currently at war with my Imagination

Ever since I finished my 5th novel I think I’ve been in a war of sorts with my own imagination. I have written roughly 100,000 words since then, but only slightly over 18,000 in the same project. Those 18k resulted in a novella rough-draft for my senior seminar project. Even with that novella under my belt I feel like I’ve wasted the year. I didn’t get much editing done. I didn’t get much writing in compared to usual, and my ideas feel underwhelming. Perhaps this has something to do with my college trip to India last January. As a result I have changed my personal philosophies a little bit in the past year, but I don’t try to write philosophical stories so I doubt that this is a the issue. It is a possibility though.

My work has not been bad this year. At least only the quantity has diminished. But diminished quantity has resulted in boredom while I write, and thus I lose focus.

I guess it’s a little like the book Holes. The first book is the toughest, and so is the second, and the third, and the fourth and so on. So far, the sixth is my problem.

I am beginning to lose confidence, and the fact that I really should edit some of these books is not helping. I feel trapped in this situation. Gah! I wish I knew how to fix it, or even just what sort of problem I’m really having.

Airing the issue here on this blog is really to help me try to process, by the way. If anyone has any advice or thoughts I’d be more than happy to hear it, of course.

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