Maberry Pages #4 – The Egg

Maberry Pages #4 – The Egg

The egg cracked and the newborn god emerged before Yar’s eyes. He emerged head first and covered in milky blood, and he fell onto his forelegs mewling in the glade of klaej trees. Yar watched half in awe half in disgust, as the god sat up. It looked up at where Yar stood on the edge of the glade. Moonlight spilled onto the god’s face. Yar should have avoided those eyes. But he didn’t. He looked into the little god’s black and shining eyes and saw his own reflection.
Beside Yar, Duem hefted his lakshi and advanced on the little god. The lakshi’s blade gleamed in the silver light. Yar followed him cautiously, very conscious of the weight of his own weapon in his hands. Was it right to shed this baby’s blood for his own gain? It could not be right, in any world.
The little god was far larger than any human child, almost as tall as Yar already, though Duem still towered over it. Duem raised his lakshi to strike, gripping both the handles in preparation. Yar held up his hand. “Wait!”
The little god looked at Yar and bleated a complaint. It still couldn’t talk. Duem glanced at Yar. “We have to do it now,” he said. “It’s maturing quickly already!”
Yar nodded, staring at the little god. Little was a term that hardly described the creature now. It rose from the ground, towering over even Duem now. Its black eyes glittered with rage. It must have recognized the lakshi Duem carried already.


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