Maberry Pages #6 – Zombie

Roger struck out through the streets before dawn when most of the rioters had long-since collapsed. He battled his own exhaustion from the previous night of looting. The funny thing about the end of the world was that it came as relief. Roger stepped gingerly through the broken window of the supermarket downtown. He didn’t know what he was looking for, but this sort of situation was bound to leave something useful behind.
The shelves in the food aisles had all been stripped clean, and, in the chaos of the struggling mob, anything dropped had been crushed. Roger sort of figured it’d be like this. He walked the dairy wall where the power failure became obvious. Of the cheese and milk this place was emptied. Roger turned down another aisle, not sure of where he was going. He’d been part of the mob, but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure.
Through the store’s length and the shadows of morning he saw the first of them on the highway. The zombie arrived like a scout, like a roving speck of pure evil. It looked to be about four-hundred yards away. But the morning was early. Would anyone else see it? Did he have a responsibility? Who hadn’t fled already except him? Roger shrugged his shoulders and approached vacant checkout lines, empty-handed like last Christmas. On his way, he spied something leaning against the aisle’s front, a long-poled metal detector. Better some weapon than no weapon, he though, and grabbed it.


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