Maberry Pages #8 – The Stream

Maberry Pages #8 – The Stream

Through the broken window at the back of the ancient bank Iwen made out the stream. She crept closer, careful that her long sleeves didn’t catch on any of the protruding shards of wood or stone or metal that reached out from the walls like fingers. She peered out the back window cautiously. If there were other creatures around, they might not be friendly. Humans living under Anai protection so often took their safety for granted. Iwen had to be more careful than that.
The waters of the stream ran pale, and reeds around the water’s edge waved with a breeze from the north. That same wind touched Iwen’s face, whistling over broken glass. What could have done this to an Anai Bank? This area seemed peaceful, but Loka hadn’t mentioned tracking it after it moved on. He’d been clear to say the creature, the force, whatever it was, was still here. If it survived the battle it must have been too weary or injured to move on.
Iwen slipped away from the window and turned back to the front of the bank. Broken tiles and shattered countertops scattered debris through the room. In all the time she’d worked with Sakasi-Hayu Bank, Iwen had never seen such destruction dealt to any Anai structure. Whatever had come through here had done so with power she didn’t understand. She shivered, almost wishing she had a venture partner, even if it meant splitting the pay.

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