Maberry Pages #9 – Sunshine and Goblins

Maberry Pages #9 – Sunshine and Goblins
Alone in the stairwell, Hank and Martha stopped on the landing halfway down. He didn’t want to rush things, even now. She deserved better than that. They looked at each other, eyes meeting for the first time since they’d left the Throne-Cafeteria of the King of the Goblins. Martha sighed. “I thought I could make it through anything as long as we were together, but now I just don’t know.”
Hank swallowed hard. “It’ll be alright. He can’t keep this place locked off from the rest of the world forever.”
“That’s not what I meant.” Martha wrapped her arms around his neck. Her eyes looked wet. “It’s you I’m worried about.”
“Me?” Hank shook his head. “I’ll be fine.” Even as he spoke he felt the spirit needle inside him work its way deeper. “I… I won’t let you down.”
She kissed him and he kissed her back, but at that moment the needle pierced a memory. Hank saw Martha sitting alone all those years in the cafeteria, which now served as the Goblin King’s throne room. She’d been so alone. She’d be alone again if he let something happen to him. The needle had to go, and fast.
“Martha,” he said as they broke apart. “I have to tell you something.”
“The needle?” Martha nodded. “I know you never got it out.” She hung her head, her hand cupping his neck. “Just don’t give up, not on me, not on yourself.”


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