Maberry Pages #10 – #44 Dragon

Maberry Pages #10 – #44 Dragon
Lanrael Boleta watched the battle in Gettamene’s shadow through his link to the Masaskon’s great eye. He watched the fleet engage while the Masaskon in which he sat and the wing it belonged to waited above the pole. He waited, and the wait was killing him. Behind him he heard Captain Aem Tokao subvocalizing orders to the rest of the wing.
In the planet’s shadow the fleet clashed with the Reviler defense picket. Without a Masaskon’s light-leech, Lanrael would not have been able to see the Saapren fleet. They moved too quickly for sight, darting through hthe blackness and slashing across the bulky decks of the Reviler torch and tower ships. Nomi was in there somewhere. She was winning this fight for both of them. Aem stopped subvocalizing and switched the controls to Lanrael. “We’ve got the signal,” he said. And they attacked.
Masaskons circled the planet’s polar halo before diving down toward the battle zone. Vanguard lances intercepted the reaction missiles of the Reviler ships. A bloated flag carrier ascended from the shadows and all around it a fine haze of a thousand drone-ships darted toward Lanrael’s wing. The heart-driver sent a warm tingle through Lanrael’s body. He took aim with the eye. “Red, are we clear?” he asked. The sage made no sound, but the feelings he sent Lanrael were enough.
Lanrael willed the heart-driver weapon to activate.


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