Mistborn 1 Review

Better late than never I suppose.

It’s been a while since I read the first book, but Mistborn the Final Empire was a powerful book for me, and has been influencing the way I look at fantasy since I finished it. For those of you who don’t know, the Mistborn Trilogy is Brandon Sanderson’s sophomore epic fantasy series, coming on the heels of his first novel, Elantris (which is also good). The premise of the first book is subversive to many core fantasy tropes while fulfilling some less egregious ones.

The dark lord conquered the world and created the Final Empire a thousand years before the story begins, which is my favorite part of the premise.

My favorite part of the execution is more difficult to pin down, though. Sanderson has included an amazingly meaty magic system into this first book which gives a fine toolkit of skills to the eponymous characters of the series. I also enjoy the perspective of Vin immensely, though Kelsier’s scenes are great too. All the perspective characters in this epic thriller are intense and personable enough to make me very pleased to read them.

The progression of the story has some core twists and turns, but nothing that made me feel as though the book was tweaking my nose or toying with me. Rather, each twist deepened my interest and understanding in the world and characters. Great job Mister Sanderson!

This book is long, like most of its genre, but it doesn’t feel slow. By the time the climax rolled around I really needed it. Amazing stuff. I’m a bit late here, so I’m sure many will have heard of Sanderson’s work before, but I had to say how much I enjoyed it. Now it could only have been better if there had been more monsters in it (kidding, mostly). I love me my monsters.


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