World-Barf Wednesday #1

I am going to attempt to exorcise my world-building demons for the week. Here it goes.

So this setting is fantasy.
That means maybe urban or secondary world, or maybe post-apocalyptic.
I think urban is a good start. So what’s the magic? What’s the creatures?
Are magic/creatures overt or covert?

For magic I’ll say ethereal magic that originates from named locations. The more important/famous a place is, the more powerful the magic granted to the people who knows how to use it. Problem is, learning about the magic isn’t enough. One also has to know the place intimately… probably better than anyone else. Yeah, so only one person can use the magic. The keeper of that place. The keeper of a house, or an office building, or a city…

Magic systems feel better to me with limitations, so I’ll list few for this one:
-A keeper only has as much power as the fame of the place
-A keeper can’t use magic without an object that ties them to the place somehow (like a cell phone, or a radio receiver/transmitter that connects something inside)
-Every time a keeper uses this magic a creature is created… a gremlin or a bogeyman type critter, and it is malignant and haunts the MC

I think that’ll do for limitations, and look now I’ve got creatures to play around with:
bogeymen. I think I could go on, but I’ll leave it there for now.


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