Word Barf Wednesday #2

So here it is, Wednesday again. So in honor of Odin, I think I’ll do a mythology building exercise.

I’ll start with fantasy, a secondary world. I’ll try my best to show my work.
Premodern technology, human species and an earthlike planet are my assumptions. I already feel a little constricted, but lets see. How did this world come to be?
God snaps his fingers? Too simple for my tastes, at least in fiction.
Before that, let me think of what’s different.

We’ll say the tides are extreme. They’re extreme because there are two moons, one larger than Earth’s moon, and the other about the same size. This results in greater instability in the planet’s crust, and a rapidly cycling continents.

A storm of geological proportions. And it all came from… (as you can see I like to work backward for most of this)

A pair of great beasts, sisters. The larger, elder moon, and the smaller, younger moon.

These two are in a dance across the sky, continuous, effortless, influencing the everyday lives of mortals. They are the sky dragons, the gods perhaps, or perhaps not. I choose not.

They each gave birth to a pantheon of deities, and those two groups of greater beings, gods, whatever, are eternally at war. They are at war over which moon mother is greater, and as they fight wars they use humans as proxies because, get this, they can’t actually manifest on the planet themselves. They are the stars perhaps…

…And I wish I had more time to write this. This is gonna have to do, though.


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