Word Barf Wednesday #3… and a bit of a rave

Been outlining for my book all morning. It’s going really well. I’m enjoying the new excel/notepad format I’m working with for notes.

Anyway, here is the word barf. I’m going to use a (http://www.seventhsanctum.com) random generator for this. Basically I’m going to describe the properties of a random result from their theotech generator and its implications in a near-future/20-seconds into the future setting.

The tech is: Eden Architecture.
I’m gonna steer clear of computing. In this case it just seems too obvious to go there.

Building a perfect structure, one that is indestructible seemed impossible until theologians and scientists managed to create a counter to entropy by working together. The result, the Eden Architecture, can be applied to vehicles, and buildings, and even armor.
The Eden Architecture has made space travel more practical, as it is impervious to heat. Militaries without Eden vehicles are easily beaten by those with them. In fact., the indestructible technology has revolutionized war as well as survival technology.

And now for the rave, a Japanese sci-fi manga. Blame!
I honestly didn’t expect this 10 volume manga to impact me that much. I’ve read quite a few good ones before, but Blame is of a vastly different character to all the others I’ve read. It is set in a massive structure that practically IS the story. There is very little dialogue throughout much of this very dark work, but what is there is effective (not flashy, but it works). I am just blown away, even still, and I finished it several weeks ago. Anyway, I recommend Blame wholeheartedly.

I’ll get around to reviewing Mistborn: The Hero of Ages soon too. As for now, I’m happy with the progress I’m making on my own stories for the day.


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