My collector gene

My first ever ‘physical’ copies of a manga arrived in the mail today: Blame!, which I raved about before, volumes 7 and 8, which I think are largely the best of the work, having read it.

Now one might ask: “If you’ve already read it, why did you buy the hard copy?”

The first, and more obvious, answer is I like hard copy. That doesn’t quite get to the heart of the matter, though.

You see, the second answer is that I am a collector. I collect all sorts of things, from books to wargames miniatures, to music recordings, to podcasts, to the serious side of ‘collecting’ my own work in the form of novels as I write them.

Anyway, I got these volumes of Blame! not only because I like them, and I’m a collector. I think they’ll serve as good visual references to help in sparking my imagination toward cyberpunk. I’m beginning to feel more positive about writing again and cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk is a genre of which I’m quite fond.

I don’t have a lot to do this evening, so who knows. Maybe I’ll start soon.


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