dreaming of a perfect book

I’m pretty bad at reading at the moment. I just haven’t done enough of it over the past four and a half years. Yes, I was an English Major, but that didn’t mean reading material that I really wanted to read. I have built up great stacks of unread fantasy and science fiction novels over the time I’ve not been reading enough. But as usual I have a problem. 

The problem here is not strictly the reading, because I like to read, and I like fantasy and sci-fi in particular , and I consider it part of my job as these are the genres I write. Time is the main problem. I need to find enough time to write and to read, and my more recently developed sociability is going to be an important part of life after college. That’s three things to manage. I spent four hours a day on each I’d be okay. But if I spent 6 hours on writing and only 3 on reading and 3 on socializing that would be good. I’m leaving four hours out for ad hoc stuff and more work.

I’m not sure if this is going to leave enough time for writing, though 6 hours most days is probably enough to get 5000 words even if I slack off a little during those sessions. Eh, it sounds like a good problem. Sounds like a schedule to me, actually (Sorry, I’m discovery writing this post).

6 Hours Writing (And outlining and editing)

2-3 hours reading

3+ hours hanging with friends

4-5 hours miscellaneous and ad hoc activities.

So yeah, I think that might do it. I’m not sure why I’m telling the internet this actually.Maybe its because I haven’t spent enough time working toward the goals I’ve set for myself since graduating as I’d like. Maybe I simply like sharing. Maybe its both. I don’t know as my sleep schedule is in flux nowadays.. which ups the challenge. I’m trying to regulate that, but its a hard decision to make.

That might be getting too personal, though.

The current rough draft is almost back to regular outlining stage after having been hauled all the way back from the foundational stage of outlining with a week of slow work. I haven’t written a word for it today, and though that isn’t heartening, I hope to hit the goal of 5000 words today. As usual, it is now buckle-down time.


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