Happy Saturday, also two-timing stories.

Just a brief post today, as I fell asleep during my wordcount last night (It’s tough changing sleep schedules) and have a large though manageable chunk to catch up on today. I’m writing two stories at once now. One of them is more casual and experimental in form (3rd person omniscient perspective for one thing). The other is somewhat more typical of me in form (3rd person limited). I’m quite pleased with both, and each has a different daily wordcount goal. The experimental stories word-per-day goal is much smaller for starters, and I like it as a palate cleanser of sorts between scenes of the other story.

This process is starting to make me more genuinely excited about writing than I’ve been in a while. Hopefully it’ll stick. Being child-like when writing can be a huge advantage, because it means asking questions while storytelling. I know when I wrote my first (awful) novel I was able to get it done fairly quickly simply by not worrying about all the work it would take or was taking. Worrying is a killer for me, as I’m sure it is for many writers.

But I’m having fun now. And I’m trying not to worry too much.


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