Today I stand (or rather sit) at an impasse. Productivity has slowed despite a continuous concretion of ideas including those for the story I’m currently writing. First of all, I think if you’ve read this blog (or my mind) any amount you will have an inkling that I sometimes (i.e. frequently) have little crises in my writing, and I am constantly overcoming them. In reality the solutions I have been developing are not sticking. So the problem is not resolved, despite my climbing wordcount. I think it is the problem of having spend over a year without even working on a book as my main focus. I’ve written over 100,000 words over the last 12 months, but not enough in one story to truly call it complete. I still have more ideas than I will ever need, and probably more than half of those are good enough to become novel-length or series works.
I keep building up these ideas because, like so many other things in my life, I’d rather have something than work on it. Or has the issue become a simple lack of desire to tell the stories I’ve amassed in my backlog? In either case, the solution seems to be this: to let go of the old bag full of stories that I never started. I’ve probably spent 9500+ hours on writing over the past 8 years, but with school going on until recently I haven’t had time to devote whole days to it except in the summer. It is summer now, but like last summer I’m having difficulty keeping a consistent rate. Do I need motivation? I don’t know. I’d like to make money at this, but that can’t be rushed, and I’m still submitting stuff to agents. Oh well, as far as I can see the problem breaks down into three interconnecting issues.
1. Disinterest – I am not interested in the story I’m telling to the degree I need to be.
2. Distraction – I looks for excuses not to write.
3. Laziness – I simply don’t have the mental stamina to write for 4+ hours per day every day.
So rather than just ranting, how can I deal with each of these?
Disinterest seems to be the root cause. I simply don’t have the story I want in front of me. So I should make a list of things I want and find ways to incorporate them into the story.
Distraction will likely become a lesser problem as disinterest is cured. If shutting off the internet is what it takes then so be it.
Laziness is something I can only fight with practice and determination.
But that’s the plan.
Have a good end to the week, people.


One thought on “Problems

  1. Interesting entry. Writer’s block is a serious thing. One solution is to have more irons in the fire and have your mind (and typing fingers) move to the project that keeps pushing itself in to your consciousness.

    Thanks for sharing.

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