August Eve 2012

New years in August. I’m beginning to really feel it setting in.

When I was still in middle school I started writing. I started writing seriously in August, just before 8th grade to be perfectly precise. I didn’t start with novels, but was taking advice from the internet right from the start. I wrote short stories for about three months before beginning my first novel. But it all began in that August.

Ever since then I have looked at August as the first month of my writing year, the anniversary of the first time I really tried to write fiction of good quality. It’s nine been years now and I’m still not sure if I’ve managed it yet. People like some of the stuff I’ve written, heck, I even like a little of it. I’m in the process of getting work out into the wider world, but it is hard at times. This post isn’t about that. It’s about the celebrating of a history of working on a skill.

I have learned more things than I know to explain in these past nine years. I have been remade as a person. I have discovered how to lead a more joyous life and made friends and lost friends. Not all of this has to do with writing, but my focus has been absolute. I have introduced myself as a writer for the past four years. I have believed it was true. And I’m happy to say I still believe it, no matter how much I struggle with the fundamental rule.

The fundamental rule:
-A writer writes. (Ray Bradbury)

And of all the things I tend to forget, one is not ever that I still have so much to learn. No, I forget why I began this endeavor from time to time. I forget what I loved about stories that made me want to write my own. I might forget to cut deeper to find the truth in the fantasy. But joy is the most valuable thing in my life as a writer. In this new writing year I plan to make it less rare.

Learning lessons is terrific, but don’t forget why you learned them. Don’t take your eyes off of your dream because it might easily fade without your support. Reflected photons hold up thoughts. This is the way of the world… or something like that. Here I go again, rambling.

In between hands I hope for high cards
As everyone does when not playing hearts
Shuffle again and cut the deck to start.


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