Chop Wood, Carry Lumber, Gain Bliss

Sometimes work is just work. Sometimes even writing is chopping wood and carrying lumber. One of the things I think I’ve struggled most with these past three months is trying to get around this reality. I want writing to be a scintillating barrage of joy EVERY time, and that just isn’t possible for me, just as it isn’t for most people. I love the creative aspects, but I’ve never cared so little for the craft elements while knowing so much about them. Perhaps that means it’s once again time to stop worrying about the first draft sounding good


            Another thing I realized today is that my current book project is something that should be special to me. For years I’ve struggled to combine science fiction and fantasy tropes in the same novel. This one does it. Cyberpunk and Epic Fantasy (also known as high fantasy) are blended together in a setting that is not really steampunk at all, and also features a world that fascinates me at the best times. And yet I’ve struggled greatly with this book since I began writing it three months ago. It just goes to show that no idea is perfect, and the mentality that the new ideas that I come up with while writing this book are always better is still pervasive, even when I am, in many important ways, living the dream I always wanted, and writing a book I’ve long desired.


            This is going to be a fairly short post, because writing that last paragraph reminded me of how amazing the book I’m writing can be when I actually think about it. I hope you are all fighting your own battles with gusto.


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