My Goals for Writing through Time

PAST (Circa 2006)
1. To be original
2. To have fun
3. To make money
4. To tell a good story

At the time of making this list of goals past, I think I lacked a firm understanding of the importance originality. Like many young writers I felt fear and hatred of the so-called clichés and well-worn tropes of the past. I did have the write priority for fun, I think, because it resulted in me writing a LOT of work around this time. My lack of understanding about the priority of writing a good story was probably what brought the books of this period down. Also, I think its fair to say that money was expected as a goal way to early in my process of developing as a writer.

1. To have fun
2. To tell a good story
3. To make money
4. To be original

Over the past summer I realized something disturbing about myself. I’d become something of a sensationalist, very oriented to the quick and simple path to entertainment, a path I’ve criticized heavily throughout my life. That way leads to television shows and videogames, which I am not trying to criticize, so much as the mentality that leads me personally to watch and play them respectively. Telling a good story has become more important to me of late, but coupled with the desire to take the path of least resistance a new problem arises from it. That is, I have (over time) become too intimidated by the idea of how difficult it is to tell a good story that the ‘fun’ elements become minimal. To sum up the last two, I think they are in the right place as far as priority of advancement, because I feel like I have too many ideas, many of which are too weird to ever work without familiarizing a little bit.

FUTURE (Goals for Goals)
1. To tell a good story
2. To have fun
3. To make money
4. To be original

This set is the way I’d thought to switch things around get a better productivity rate going. Goals 3 and 4 have not changed as I mentioned under the PRESENT set. I think that perhaps my original idea here was that I needed to take writing more seriously, but perhaps that is wrongheaded. My initial thought process was that I need to be more motivated to write better. I’m not sure if that’s the case, though, as the problem I’m having right now is that I don’t ENJOY writing enough at the moment to do it enough. Writing has become too much like work and not enough like play lately. So perhaps the layout for the present is fine, but I really have to keep the priorities clearer.

Just a few thoughts I was having


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