Short Story

So I finished the rough draft of the first short story I’ve written in years yesterday. It came in at about 11 pages long (3000 or so words). I wrote it for a specific reason–to publish it on Amazon kindle, or at least as an ebook of some sort. Two things surprised me about the writing of this story.

The first thing at surprised me was that once I relaxed it went pretty painlessly. I wrote it in about 3 hours over Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Overall the time flew, and I ended up with a draft I think I could polish to something decent.

The second thing that surprised me in the writing process came from the responses of people to my tweets about it. Some friends actually wanted to read this thing. I’ve often had derision in my mind for short stories, but with ebooks they have become viable (from what I’ve seen). For a process that, in my case at least, is clearly motivated by money, it was also quite rewarding from the social side of things.

Anyway, I’m going to keep working on some other stories. Have a good weekend, readers!


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