My first ebook is on sale!

Yes, I finally decided to bite the bullet, and I think its for the better as I didn’t really know what more I could do for this particular story. ‘Trash’, is it’s name, and its the first of my series Age of Ascension… and yes if you noticed a contrast in the book title and the series title that was intentional.

Here is the link to the amazon page in case you want to buy it :

This post isn’t enitrely a shill for my book though, because I’ve been very worried about my reception that I’m getting more and more nervous by the minute. I just hope people aren’t going to say ‘eh its okay’ and leave it at that. Its my first effort to publish myself, and I hope people like it, though I have no illusion that lots of people will read it. I’m just rambling now.

Wish me luck, or check out the book. And if you like it, a review is extra extra credit.

Thanks for your time.

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