One of the reasons I decide to put my recently released novella ‘Trash’ on the kindle was the money, which isn’t a very good reason but which wasn’t the most important one either. The other reason I decided to put it up was to make the statement that I’m going to continue pursuing publication and trying to make a living at this game. I haven’t sold a whole bunch yet, but already I’m working on a sequel novella.

A third reason I decided to put Trash up is that I couldn’t seem to change much about it, but kept using editing as an excuse not to write on in the series. Now that excuse is reversed. I have to keep writing in the universe of Trash, because the novella really isn’t a complete standalone despite my best efforts to keep it self-contained. I think of it as an episode of a serial, but it is definitely finished in and of itself.

That said, I’m having trouble writing, even still. Finding motivation hasn’t gotten a lot easier with the book out, especially as I’m allowing myself to visit facebook more often now. The moratorium on facebook didn’t help much, but it kept me staring at different pages at least. Thing is, social interaction is pretty valuable for me at the moment, even over facebook chat. The problem is I fall into a malaise similar to my summer sickness after a lot of the little things I do throughout the day, including the facebook visits. Oh well, I think I’d better just stick to the documents I open better. I’m all too quick to close my word processor these days, but here’s hoping.


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