Making Myself Uncomfortable

I never thought of myself as an especially kind person before. I’m a bit soft mentally and physically, but I never thought of myself as kind. Lately I’ve been thinking that despite this lack of kindness I’ve developed a strange compulsion to want the best for people both real and imagined. But I need to suspend that compulsion if I want to be a stronger writer, and I need to toughen up if I want to be a productive writer.

My ebook on Amazon (title Trash, by Tim Niederriter) is currently slowing down in sales, and I’m feeling the pressure to write something else, as I should always feel what with the tiny trickle of income I currently have. I have had difficulties in writing onward with that story. I have had difficulties writing other things too, but recently I had a conversation with my twin brother in which he made a point I’d like to share.

His main point was this: To engage myself in writing stories again I need to make myself uncomfortable. I agree with him. I’ve never really put my characters through hell, and in fact my stories may suffer for the lack of tension that resulted from this proclivity towards ease.

Here are main the points I’ve amassed for writing more and better stories.
1. Make myself uncomfortable by going deeper into the real complexities of the story.
2. Ensure interest by focusing on something real that fascinates me within the story.

There were more points, but I think those two just about cover it. I am not making the progress I wanted this year. If I can execute on these ideas, perhaps I’ll rebound.


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