Now, if you’ve read this blog much at all you’re probably aware that I can be very numbers-oriented when it comes to writing fiction. This coming national novel writing month I am planning to kick some butt in this regard. That said I foresee difficulties.

Honesty is dictating that I mention how I make plans and then fail to live up to them. I want this time to be different, but things are getting tougher to organize this November. Thanksgiving is a big part of this, as I will likely be traveling for a few days around then. Basically I want to try anyway. I’m planning on reading more this coming month as well, and hopefully that will help me write more, as I tend to get inspired more when I’m actively reading the same day.

I don’t really have much to say today. I’m getting a little intimidated by this project, so I’m not going to go further and tell all of you the numbers I plan on writing. I hope I can find my discipline for this.


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