Poetry and Confidence

I like poetry. I sort of had to, what with being an English Major who took most of the British Literature courses available at my school. I’m not as much a fan of modern-style poetry as much as epic poetry. That makes sense as well because fantasy has its roots in the epic and that’s mostly what I write along with science fiction. I’ve also written poetry in the past, and gotten some satisfaction from it.
That brings me to today. I have an ebook out (Trash, by Tim Niederriter, search Amazon for me), but in the urge to expand my base online I’ve been considering writing poetry of the longer-form fantasy variety. The reason for this is that I’ve got a few ideas for long poems, and that’s the sort of poetry I like. Also I write poetry a good deal faster than prose for a reason I’ve only recently uncovered.
It’s confidence. I’ve actually gotten more cash value out of poetry than prose so far, though I’ve long considered my prose to be the main thing I do. So perhaps that’s why I never worry as much when I write poetry. Not worrying, being confident, going out there looking for awesome without fear, these things are key to my writing speed.
I’m still working on the NaNoWriMo story–sequel to Trash (There’s a principle that makes this legal for NaNo, trust me though I’m acting shady and can’t remember the names). It’s going better now that I’m working on confident writing.


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