Editing all the while

I’m not skilled at editing yet, and working on a book for draft after draft is not easy for anyone, let alone me. I’m working on a editing a novel with so many flaws it is hard to know where to start. Part of the problem here is the fact that I have, for years, told myself I was ‘done’ after each rough draft. That is obviously untrue.
So this book has a LARGE number of flaws.
Speaking briefly these are the areas I need to work on:
1. Characters – Who are these people? I need to develop side-characters a little more, and I’m almost done with the reworking here.
2. Main Character – She needs to be more active and move forward more.
3. Villainous Plot – It needs to be seen more clearly, at least, by the end.

Now that may not seem like a lot of flaws, but this book has MANY side characters almost all of which need work, so it adds up. Anyway, I have to go upstairs. The cold down here is intense… That’s what I get for working in the basement in Minnesota.


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