Fiction Opening – Pillar Universe YA

Arc aerials hung at the edge of the oncoming storm. Wind and rain wept across the exposed steel decks and drenched the plants in their soil pots growing further on board. In a cabin on one of those aerials, Senu Yarre sat with her sketcher in hand. She was trying to draw the pillars’ curving sides as distorted and framed by the clouds billowing between them. She was trying, but she had to admit she was failing. Something about the storm in motion threw her off. She couldn’t put her finger on it. Senu sat back in her chair beneath the humming climate control duct. She looked down at the sketcher in her hand. It was all wrong. Someone knocked at her cabin door. Senu set her sketcher on the table before her. “Come in.” It wasn’t working anyway.
The door flew open and Jyras Goor floated through it, his usually blank but handsome face marred by a look of rage. He held a copy of her sketch of him in his hand. “Did you draw this? It’s everywhere!”
Senu raised her eyebrows. She hadn’t expected him to get it, let alone to take it so personally. “It’s just a sketch,” she said. “You don’t like it?”
“It is not just a sketch!” He waved the print-out in her face. “You wrote that I’m ‘prone to dullness’ on here!”
Prone to dullness except when excited emotionally, get it right, Senu thought. She smiled, hoping to disarm him. “Look, it’s a joke. Surely no one could really see you as dull, especially a girl like me.”
“A girl like you? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well you do know a lot of girls like you.” They like you despite yourself, you oaf, she added mentally. “I’m just trying to raise awareness.”
A look of confusion came over Jyras’s face. “Senu–Wait, are you saying you like me?”


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