Joyous Tides and Tidings

I have returned from my holiday travels to visit the family. For this blog this marks something of a milestone, as I most recently resurged in posting here when I last made the trip across the country this past summer.

So what has happened? World hasn’t been saved. World hasn’t ended. Christmas and other holidays have come and gone. The year 2012 is decaying in its light. In visiting with my family, both immediate and extended I have begun to rediscover some of the joy of them. I haven’t always liked these trips, but this year I very much appreciated it. I am working on a new project, and I am pleased with it conceptually but still far from finished even with its rough draft.

I will not be making any specific resolutions for this new year. Instead I will be putting my plans into practice. I am determined not to disappoint myself in 2013 (and beyond) the way I did in 2012. This means more of everything–More writing, more gaming, more learning, and more living. It might even mean more blogging.


I used to say that I believe in God, but not in miracles. Thanks to finally having a genuinely pleasant Christmas visit to the family, the first in years, I can say I believe in both. But who knows, the world is wide open. I feel good this morning, in case you couldn’t tell. Be warned, this attitude is as impermanent as all things under heaven.

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