Breaking Out!

I have some plans for expanding my comfort zone this year, and they will start to unfurl very soon. Conferences/conventions, writing retreats, and podcasts are all on the table for this, but in reverse order to what I listed. I’m going to be on the next workshop episode of the Roundtable Podcast as a guest writer. That drops on January 29th so if you want to hear how ridiculous my voices sounds or you just like good writing-related entertainment check that out when it drops–Don’t worry I’ll remind you when it does. However, the Roundtable is a recent favorite of mine to listen to as well, so I’d encourage you to check out any and all of their episodes thus far:

Some other things that have been going on with my lately–Ranting about my personal beliefs in a somewhat gentle fashion, on twitter, and Writing with a capital W. Having received quite a lot of help from Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast over the years I really want to draw attention to this latest generosity of Mur’s. She has opened up a spreadsheet (created by another writer in her MFA program) to the use of other writers. This spreadsheet is for tracking word counts, and its helped me immensely in getting writing every day. So that’s really nice.

I am one happy camper right now, and can’t wait to return to the book I’m writing on at the moment. This is going to be a great year, I have that feeling quite distinctly.


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