Comics and Regret

Some years ago I saw an interview with the comic book writer Frank Miller. He talked about writing “Sin City”. Though I don’t remember most of what he said, I do remember the circumstances in which he wrote that now-famous graphic novel. Miller made a point about mentioning how he’d been working in Hollywood at that point, and how he’d felt creatively stifled as a result. Miller talked about how he’d hidden himself away and started writing what his instinct told him he really wanted. When he was finished he ended up with something rather ground-breaking in a non-obvious way. I consider this to be a very classic artist’s story.

The point here is that Miller made himself what he wanted. I believe all people need to do this, not just creative people. To pursue one’s own path, rather than the path of pure profit is vital to one’s happiness. I don’t believe this path is always obvious. Sometimes our mind is telling us we need to do/write/be one thing but our minds are not always on top of our best interests. I believe this because it seems to make sense, but also because I want to believe it.

I was told by my professor at the beginning of the trip he led to India that I seemed to have a very noisy monkey-mind. Monkey-mind–the part of the mind that distracts from truth, from purpose. He told me mine was active, and I believe he was probably right about it.

The truth is, my monkey-mind is acting up again.

It makes me think of things I regret, and I regret a lot for being a 20-something as I am. And it makes it hard for me to write sometimes. This is what I think my problem is. I don’t know if my path leads to more regret or not.

I’ve made a fool of myself in the past.

I’ve been angry. I’ve thought evil thoughts.

What’s up with the way I regret all sorts of things others have long-since forgotten. These things aren’t important, but they annoy me and they irritate me.

One thought on “Comics and Regret

  1. My own monkey mind is by biggest enemy. It gets in the way of everything- every new idea, hope, dream. It talks me out of doing things, as I am just not good enough. Great post, I can truly identify

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