Metal post for March

I’m a bit of a metal head. In fact I listen to a lot of metal of varying levels of heaviness. I also freely admit I have difficulty understanding music. With that in mind I’d like to also add that I frequently listen to music when I write, music of any kind I’d listen to normally.

So what bands and albums have I been listening to lately? Maybe you’ll notice a pattern in the descriptions here.

Ayreon is a science fiction concept band, power metal/progressive rock band with a lot of different vocalists. Albums are often two-disc affairs. My favorite is The Human Equation, which introduced to me to my current vocalist in rock or metal – Devin Townsend.

Coheed and Cambria is also a science fiction concept progressive rock band. They are just super addictive musically. The story is pretty difficult to follow compared to those of Kamelot or Ayreon. They don’t feature narration as much as either, though, and the story seems notably more complex (perhaps convoluted is the word for it). Every one of these is about even in my book, and they all go together nicely.

Kamelot is not as much of a concept band as the other two, and leans more to power metal than progressive rock. Kamelot features amazing vocals, and some really listenable melodies. I own several of their albums, and every time I’ve gotten a new one I’ve listened to it crazy-often over the following weeks and months. Their newest, Silverthorn is no exception, but my favorite is still the one with the story based on Faust Part 2–The Black Halo.

Well anyway, I’m sort of burned on writing tonight. I’ll get back to it tomorrow.


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